Monday, June 07, 2004


So my cold became an upper respiratory infection, which I got over thanks to Antibiotics. I am now recovering from the 'biotics, and wondering if I am getting a new cold, or if this lethargy is a combination of allergies and delayed recovery.

So Ronald Reagan died. I was sad, but what really made me sad was the boring, repetitive coverage. Couldn't turn on the TV without seeing some boring tribute of one sort or another. The guy got more coverage than the D-day Anniversary, which I watched on Canadian TV. Thank goodness for channel 9, or I really would think the world revolved around "El Gipper".

Got a haircut today, and a Flat Tire.. not in that order, but found out about the flat tire in that order. Someone honked and yelled at me until I opened my door in traffic (hey, it was a roll down window) and heard "flat tire". Turned into a driveway, and waited for Mom to come with the pump, which broke halfway through the pumping.. good thing it held the air. Had a big nail in the wheel bed, close to the edge. Might be from construction, but I can't really make a fuss. Dead tire.. no driving to the gym in the morning. Poop.

So back to the important thing-- my hair cut. Paid a fortune for it at a place called "Tribe" above my favorite art gallery in town, but I think it was worth it. The woman knew how to layer. My hair looks bouncier than it has in a year and a half, since my last hair cut with the Judy Garland-warbling hair god in NoHo. Yay. We'll see if i go into hair shock when I wash it the for the first time.