Friday, October 29, 2004

The Horror of Fighting Bush's War

"According to [a soldier from the 82nd Airborne], 75% of all soldiers want Bush defeated in the election and don't care who defeats him; anger and resentment are high. He says that 90% of the officers remain far out of harm's way. From lietenants all the way up, there is general understanding that the officers are hiding in holes, or holding back in well-defended buildings and quite cavalier about sending troops out for assignments and errands that are frequently stupid, poorly planned, and dangerous."

Many in the military appear to be sick of Bush's war(s). Read the rest if you want to be truly disgusted by Bush's mishandling of Afghanistan and Iraq. has the latest on the Bush Jacket Bulge. According to a NASA Scientist, its real.

"Dr. Robert M. Nelson, however, was not laughing. He knew the president was not telling the truth. And Nelson is neither conspiracy theorist nor midnight blogger. He's a senior research scientist for NASA and for Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and an international authority on image analysis. Currently he's engrossed in analyzing digital photos of Saturn's moon Titan, determining its shape, whether it contains craters or canyons."

No word on what the bulge is exactly, only that its shape is closely associated with some sort of electrical device.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Rediculously long, always flowing.
Clothes:As revealing as you can legally get away with.
Powers:Wind magic
Special Features:Random tattoo(s)
Sidekick:A wise-ass little demon.
Attitude:Overprotective of those you care about.
Weapon:A gun of rediculous proportion
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Is there no shame left in these people?!

The Secret Service's new job is frightening families who dare to put down the President.

Say Goodbye to my Money, Sweet Alma Mater

Just got off the phone with a hapless sophomore trying to fundraise for good old Smith College. We ended up chatting for a good 15 minutes about what's been happening since I graduated. Basically, its a disaster. Dining halls are being slashed left and right in favor of condensed dining, "takeout" baggies, and generally dismal food. When I was at school, we had grand lunch buffets, eggs done to your taste in the morning, and desserts that were out of this world. Half the reason I went to Smith was the great food and the great social atmosphere in the houses. Now that people aren't eating in or near their house, upper classmen don't know first years, and social groups are becoming increasingly isolated.

Not only does the food suck, the college has become a dead zone on weekends due to massive restrictions on kegs, party sizes etc. Public safety apparently roves around seeking out inebriated girls to drag off the the campus clinic. My beautiful, open, social campus has become like an academic prison camp.

In short, Carol Christ, the "new" President of the school, sucks. She doesn't have the fundraising capabiity of Ruth Simmons, and she doesn't have the good sense to take the student's feelings into account before she decides to make changes. People in my time went to Smith because it was a fun place to go to school. Not because it was a women's college, or because there are fancy, useless new buildings around campus. If I were looking at colleges today, I would not choose Smith.

Loosen the noose on student social affairs, Smith, or you are never seeing another dime from me again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Eminem Speaks Out
You have to see the video to believe it.

A thyroid cancer expert close to me has said, off the record, that Rehnquist will be dead in three months, six months tops.. The fact that he had to get a tracheostomy means that its basically a killer form of the illness. Lets hope he survives six months.