Monday, May 17, 2004

Hooray for the couples of Mass.. Hooray! I love how Mitt Romney is using a law once put in place to prohibit interracial marriage as a way to deter couples from other states getting married. I guess it really shows just how backward Mitt is.

Once again.. how the heck is gay marriage an attack on the "institution" of marriage? What a gigantic load of horse manure. I hope Mass. proves to people that gay marriage is nothing more or less than allowing individuals to unite in a way that will guarantee them rights in the eyes of the state, not just for them but for their children and surrounding families. Marriage is about family, and I don't get why the people afraid of gay-marriage don't see that.


Bad Behavior Exposed

Turns out Bush policies have led to more than just a break down at certain prisons.. bad attitudes in the military abound:

About the Army - Man, it hurts my heart to write this about an institution I dearly love but this army is completely dysfunctional, angry and is near losing its honor. We are back to the Army of 1968. I knew we were finished when I had a soldier point his Squad Automatic Weapons at me and my bodyguard detail for driving down the street when he decided he would cross the street in the middle of rush hour traffic (which was moving at about 70 MPH) ... He made it clear to any and all that he was preparing to shoot drivers who did not stop for his jaunt because speeding cars are "threats."

Josh's friend in Iraq has much more to say about the situation there. I suggest you read it.