Saturday, June 04, 2005

Oh my lord, an erection!

A school board banned and then unbanned Buffalo Tree in Muhlenberg, PA. A book that was being used in a junior year English classroom. A book that is recommended to for children ages 12 and older. Because of an erection.

The article paints a sad picture of the bible thumping good girl Brittany Hunsicker calling the book "junk," while overweight, spectacled Mary Isamoyer asks the board not to "insult our intelligence."

Bookslut's Michael Schuab writes: "Poor Mary, cursed with perspective, intelligence and logic. She'll have to settle for going to college and having a fulfilling career while lucky Brittany gets to tote her seven bitter children to Bible study class. Teenagers, it's not too late to learn a lesson: Don't question authority. That's the key to happiness. Trust me."

Personally, I'm worried about Brittany's next year as a student at the school. She's probably going to be remembered for her phallophobia.

Should juniors in high school be forced to have discussions about erections? Should there be a limit on discussions of any kind that make girls like the daughter of Tammy Hahn(another voice for banning) uncomfortable? TBogg, another blogger concerned for the children of the school, writes: "Congratulations Tammy, you've just opened the door to making your daughter the Erection Queen of Muhlenberg High School. When she slams her door on you while screaming "I hate you! I hate you! You fat drunken cow!" you can look back on this moment and be proud. "

I wonder if the shower scene is a really important part of the book, if its something that needs a lot of discussion. If I get around to reading the book, I'll let you know.