Friday, September 26, 2003

Little brother is watching The Patriot at the moment, and I am peeping in during the scenes with the Dragoons, but the romance really bugs me, because the lovers end up kicking it. I never did like Romeo and Juliet. The Patriot is not supposed to be a palatable film I guess. Sort of like Glory but with out the exploding watermelon head, and without Denzel Washington. The revolutionary war is an interesting period.. I hope that some day filmmakers other than Australians do something with it.

And will they please not kill the romantic lead next time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

No, no, it can't be!

The crime rate in Idaville is just about to skyrocket. Encyclopedia Brown is dead. It's a black, black day. There should be a moment of silence.

During his life, Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown never ceased to be a resource to the crimefighting public. In fact, just this year, Brown didn't find weapons of mass destruction when SecDef Rumsfeld sought his help.

Brown is survived by his ex-wife, Capt. Sally Kimball-Brown. There is no detail on where to send flowers or cards.

Edited to announce that, as Brown could have told us, had he still lived, there are no penguins at the North Pole.

If anyone ever reads this blog, they should know that the third person plural pronoun has been in English usage for gender-neutral singular for hundreds of years. Revive the singular "they"!

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Andrea, you must read Baraita right now. It is of the greatest importance that you learn about Barbie's secret connection to Judaica..

Personally, I prefer the Queen Esther Barbie..


I happen to be reading Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries at work today, when I come upon Mia's observation that she thinks Timothy Dalton's portrayal of James Bond is better than Pierce Brosnan. I forgot which one Dalton was (I was seriously hoping it wasn't Roger Moore) so I googled him and lo and behold, he has agreed to star in a two part production of Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy in London.

I really need to get back to London! I also agree with Mia.. he was pretty darn cute as James Bond.

On a different topic, I would like to say that Legend, starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara, is terrible. That said, the Ridley Scott extended version is a lot better than what was released to theaters. I suppose if I had rented this DVD from the video stores I might have forced myself to watch the end to get my money's worth, but since I have it out of the library (with no fear of late fines, I now do this often) I felt I could always go back and see the last thirty minutes when I felt up to it. I am not sure what put me off the most but I think it was Mia Sara's simpering, insipid affectations. The character was supposed to be infantile, but she didn't have to be that histrionic.