Wednesday, January 12, 2005

In one of my stranger flights of culinary fancy, I substituted half the milk in my tapioca recipe for eggnog, because we had some extra and no one wanted to drink it. While I was cooking it I thought, "this is a terrible, terrible mistake I am making," but it didn't turn out so bad if one likes both eggnog and tapioca..

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Is there, like, a war going on?

Yeah, cause, like, I'm going to this great party... I'm sure the big crowds will give Senator Frist a chance to show off his vacation photos.

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had as much fun over break as I did, which in my case meant I read dozens of Regency romance novels of middling quality and vegged out. My older brother and his wife came up from NYC for x-mas with their pet parrot, and we ate fresh organic locally grown our-turkey-is-holier-than-your-turkey turkey. We also had venison steaks, courtesy of the bucks in the back yard, now fewer in number. We promised my sister-in-law we wouldn't talk about Bambi at the table, but little brother brought it up every five minutes until he was threatened with bodily harm.

I admit, I am little late with the season's greetings, but its been a pretty depressing time with the tsunami and that evil bastard back in office appointing advocates of torture to the highest moral and legal positions in the land. I try not to dwell on it, but it's just so gross, watching him talk about how cutting social security benefits is going to be so wonderful.. and did you notice he's still talking about the link between Iraq and Al Queda? Apparently if you win an election, that means that all the lies from your campaign are actually true.

On to more exciting subjects.. my new classes. I'm pretty sure its going to be another crazy, busy semester, but I am taking one less class, so that should help. Also, my position as co-story teller on Thursday nights is practically official, and next week I'm doing another storytime all on my own.. I'm going to lighten my load a bit my doing a craft for a portion of story time, but I still need to pull together some books and memorize something interesting. We'll see.

Finally I would like to say that the Nunnery, at least for the moment, is going be to a mostly solo project because Niki and Andrea are trying to get their PhDs done, and they have no time to spare.