Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Look
Do you like it? I don't know yet how to put comments in.. we'll see.

(Sorry Andrea, lost all the old comments)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I'm sorry its been such a long time since I last wrote. I have been recovering from surgery, and have as a result become one of those boring people who thinks about aches and pains and talks about side affects of medicines all the time. I listen to myself, and I think, "how did I get this way?"

I would like to note that during last Thursday's storytime I read a delightful children's book entitled Alvie Eats Soup and while I am not sure I recommend it for picky eaters (it doesn't have a reassuring ending like Gregory, the Terrible Eater) it is very funny. Sadly, due to Easter weekend, our usual crowd was not there, I and found myself telling the story to four children, which quickly dwindled to three because one child would not listen to her mother. Even with tiny crowds, though, the show must go on.

For Terri, Who Knows Not What She Has Begun
I want to say a very short rant about Terri Schaivo. I feel terrible for the family, but at the same time, I am enraged by their self-indulgent behavior as they get photo ops with Jeb and Delay and inspire congress to get involved in personal issues and other branches of government. Terri's parents are creating precedents that may make other people's lives miserable, and they are not doing anything that would help their daughter.

Furthermore, what kind of life are they attempting to save? Twelve years of lying in bed, being rolled around regularly to prevent the body from developing bed sores, and seeing a loved one for an hour or so every few days, tops? Not talking, not eating, not communicating. Even when the flat brain activity is taken out of the equation, and you actually believe that her movements on the video were a sign of mental awareness, her life SUCKS.

In my opinion, Terri S. has been treated like a beloved pet, not a family member. Terri's family can make believe what they want about her thoughts, and she always seems happy for them to be there. When they leave, she is fed and cared for by others, with other people's money, namely her husband's. They must be honestly confused why Terri's husband would want to take the feeding tube away from their daughter, but that gives them no right do destroy the legal system for their personal benefit.